shop my closet on POSHMARK!

I find myself constantly digging through my clothes and pulling out things to donate and give away. I almost feel like a hoarder…  I have clothes from about 8 years ago that STILL have tags on them. At the time I absolutely needed that outfit or pair of shoes yet they just end up sitting in the closet. I started to realize how many of them still had tags and were brand new so I went searching for a website that I could possibly start to sell my clothes to make some money back and that is when I stumbled across POSHMARK!


Basically you just have to sign up using your iphone or ipad and you get to browse through thousands of closets. They have everything from hi end brands (Chanel, Gucci, Kate Spade etc.) to your basic everyday store (Target, Macys, Mandee etc.) I started a closet and if your interested in seeing what I have for sale – just click the “Shop My Closet” icon on the right hand side of my page 🙂 Make sure to sign up at on your iphone or ipad and enter code: HFDUO to receive $5 in credit!



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