Marc Jacobs Beauty

MJ Beauty

Sephora is welcoming a new beauty line today…not just any line, but one by Marc Jacobs.


Marc Jacobs Beauty is a 120 piece, 16 product collection that also includes make-up brushes. I have yet to test out any of the products but I love the boldness of the colors for this collection and I expect them to be big sellers. I also love the detail of the packaging!






Click HERE to view all the products on Sephora. Remember you can purchase his beauty line from any Sephora store or online as well as select Marc Jacobs stores.

Marc Jacobs Beauty will debut in Europe during 2014.


6 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Beauty

  1. The packaging is INSANELY nice, but I felt that the prices were just a little too high. I guess that’s kind of Marc’s thing, though, LOL. It’s psychological, but they go past a barrier in my head!

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