If you didn’t notice… I’ve been pretttty M.I.A lately.

What can I say – LIFE gets hectic and it happens.


I’ve been attempting to at least post a “Daily Inspiration” every day but as far as every other type of posts – they have been pretty non existent  since  the beginning of March. I sincerely apologize to everyone that follows Pearls and Paris! I work 2 jobs and my workload has been on OVERload. The other thing taking over my life is… I became a 1st time HOME OWNER on 2/26/13. The last month has been a very crazy and busy but exciting period in my life. As things start to settle back down at work as well as at home I will be posting my normal stuff (I have tons of beauty box reveals & reviews to catch up on)  and I now have tons of “DIY home projects” I’ve found to share!


( my beautiful view 🙂 )


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